Friday, April 29, 2016


I've been on Blogger since 2010, writing on three separate blogs.  Liked it here, liked the program... and can't beat the price.  When I first started 'SHE WRITES' Blogger/Blogspot had a disclaimer for adult content.  No problem - I thought it was a great idea.  Then after a few years, they decided they would no longer permit 'porn'.... so I BOUGHT a Blogger domain, where I could write and publish what I want.  So far, so good....

Within weeks of their decision, after the excrement his the oscillating device, Google reversed their decision to censor their authors.  Rather than switch back, I stayed on the paid domain - because I'd paid for it!

Today, I received an email that said:
We wanted to make you aware that we are upgrading our services and making some changes to better support your domain. As part of this upgrade, Whois privacy will now be provided by Contact Privacy Inc. according to the Contact Privacy Inc. Terms of Service. These upgrades will affect the following domain:
Sooooooooo... I'm not a techie, and I know nothing about this outfit Google is handing me off to, but to make a long story short - I ain't going!

I spent this morning moving all my 'stuff' back to the free side of blogger. I'll stay there until they have another round of censorship.... when that happens, and it WILL, I will take all THREE of my blogs and hit the road.

I still have a Wordpress account, and they permit 'mature' content, as long as it's not child porn or violence.  That will be my first stop in my journey to maintain my free speech.....

In the mean time.... enjoy!

The Basement....Part 1

The car arrived promptly at 8:00.

She was dressed in a black full length dress that fastened at the back of the neck... with a plunging front that showed a bit of cleavage. backless, dipping to just above the crack of her ass, giving just a hint of the perfect ass below. She picked up her purse and walked out to get in the car, as the driver opened the door.

‘Thank you, Andre’………… she said, as she entered the rear seat and swung her legs around, settling back on the soft leather of the limo. Andre closed the door and assumed his seat behind the wheel.

‘Partition up or down, Miss?’. He asked, as the door locks click and the car begins to pull away from the curb.
‘Up, please’ she replied, as she looked around and saw the chilled bottle of wine and the exquisite crystal glass……. Pouring herself a glass of wine, she breathed deeply, taking in the smell of leather as she sipped hungrily at the glass.

The car arrived within a short time……. And as it pulled to a gentle stop at the bottom of the steps, she saw him standing there, elegantly dressed in eveningwear and waiting for her. He glided down the stairs to meet the car, waiting as Andre opens the rear door. She swung her legs around and planted them firmly on the ground, as he extended his elegantly clad arm. Exiting the limo, she grasped his arm and stood, trying to steady her shaking knees.

‘Hello, my darling……. You look positively radiant tonight’ he said, as they walk together up the stairs and into the house, her hand gripping his arm and her other hand barely lifting her skirt to clear the steps.

She was always taken aback when she entered his elegant home….. The foyer lit by a chandelier 20’ in the air….. The aroma of the fire in the den…. The low light from the candlelight in the dining room just down the hall and to the left……. And the solid mahogany door that leads to……….

He walked her into the sitting room – a very masculine place furnished in leather and elegant antiques. He turned and says.’ A glass of wine, my darling?’ and she nodded. His wine selections were always a wonderful surprise. She sat on the edge of the leather love seat while he poured two glasses. She studied his movements as he walked to her, and took the glass he offered. *clink*…. ‘To a wonderful evening, my darling’….. and she lifted her glass to meet his before taking a sip.

As he walked to the fireplace and took a poker in hand and jiggled the logs, she inhaled sharply as she took in this fine figure of a man……. Tall, athletic build…… elegantly clad in a tailored tux……… his blue eyes sparkling in the firelight. Her feelings for him were plain….. She's totally taken by him… it shows in the way she looks at him. And the way he looks at her makes her know the feelings are returned....

This is not the first time she’s been to his home. They have shared many dinners, quiet evenings of conversation…… she has even spent several nights of lovemaking in his bed. As a lover, he is by far the best she has ever had. Nights of intense passion…… followed by morning of more passion.

But for some reason, tonight seemed…. different.

‘I am having dinner brought in tonight……… I hope you don’t mine, my love’ he said, as he poured another glass of wine for them both.

‘Absolutely not, my darling…. Whatever you have chosen will be perfect, I’m sure.’

*clink* as they touch glasses……. And he leans in to kiss her lips. Sliding his hand behind her head and pulling her close, he kisses her deeply, his tongue searching her mouth…. And she responds, kissing him back, breathing in his breath, filling her lungs with him as he exhales………….and then pulling back, he stands, offering her his hand. She takes it and stands, and after finishing her glass of wine, sets the glass on the table and turns to face him. He sets his empty glass down and takes her in his arms, kissing her deeply as he pulls her hard against him. The kiss lasts as their hearts race…. And then he pulls back and smiles into her eyes………. ‘I have a surprise for you, my love…… a little something I made for you this week….. would you like to see?

Smiling, she nods…….. and he wraps his arm around her and steers her towards the foyer and down the hall they walk, arms around each other………

He pauses at the large, dark door and kisses her deeply, pulling her against him hard. She kisses him hungrily, torn between this moment of passion and curiosity about what’s behind this ominous door. As he pulls gently back, he opens the door and steps aside, allowing her to precede him down the stairs.

The lighting is very dim as she descends the stairs…. and the scent of musk fills the air. As the reach the bottom, he adjusts the lighting so that only the center of the room is lit…… the perimeter in shadows. He wraps his arm around her waist and guides her to the center of the room…. and he steps back and allows her to take in the scene….

A large ‘table’ dominates the center of the room…….. Upholstered in kid leather in pale shade of cream. a golden metal ring at each corner. Curious, she walks to the table, lightly touching it with her hand and then turning to face him, smiling, a puzzled look on her beautiful face. He smiles and walks forward, touching her face with his hand and kissing her lightly.

‘For you, my love……. Would you like to try it out?’ and as he speaks he wraps his arms tightly around her and kisses her deeply.

‘Yes…. I would love to’ she replies, blushing as she looks into his eyes.

Taking her in his arms, he kisses her deeply, while sliding his hand up her back and gently unfastening her dress at the base of her neck. And then, stepping back, he smiles into her eyes as her dress falls to the floor and puddles at her feet, and he gasps as she stands naked before him.

Gripping her hair in his fist, he kisses her hard, as his other hand slides into his pocket and withdraws a pair of golden bracelets. Still locked in a passionate embrace, he clicks a bracelet on each wrist…. And then he steps back and looks at her beauty, standing before him, the bracelets sparkling in the light and nothing more on her exquisite body. He withdraws another pair of bracelets, and kneeling, he clasps one around each perfect ankle…. Then sliding his hands up her legs to her hips, and continuing up her sides to her breasts……… ending cupping her face and kissing her passionately. She stands perfectly still, savoring his touch……. Smiling in to his cobalt blues eye………… knowing.

He bends, lifting her in his arms and walking to the table, places her on it gently, laying her on her back as he smiles at her. Standing at her left foot, he attaches the bracelet on her ankle to a small ring on the table. Then moving counterclockwise around the table he locks her right ankle, her right wrist and finally her left wrist to a ring at each corner of the table. Walking to a bank of light switches, he dims all the lights except for two that illuminate her face and body.

‘Are you comfortable, my love?’….. and she smiles.

… continued…….